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Adding attachments to campaigns

GoDaddy Email Marketing does not support traditional email attachments, but you can still share files with your recipients.

Why can’t I attach files to my campaigns?

This is because attachments can significantly hurt the ability of your emails to land in your recipients’ inboxes. Bulk emails with traditionally attached files, most likely will end up in the spam folder. There are many cases of attachments being used to spread malware, so campaigns that contain attachments are likely to be flagged as spam by ISPs (internet service providers) and email clients.

How to send files to your subscribers without attaching

Store your file somewhere online (such as your own website), and generate a public link to that file.

Store your file with…How to generate a link
OneDrive (Office 365 from GoDaddy)
  1. (Access OneDrive)
  2. Upload the file
  3. Click Share
  4. Click Get a link
  5. Click Create link
(Online Storage) (Workspace Email)(Copy a public link)
(Google Docs)(Share a link to a file)
(Dropbox)(Share link)

Next step

Next, take that generated link, and put it into your campaign. You can link your file to:

  • (regular text)
  • (an image)