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Auctions FAQ

What is GoDaddy Auctions?

GoDaddy Auctions® is a marketplace for domain name buyers and sellers. In exchange for allowing sellers to list their domains, GoDaddy Auctions charges a percentage of the sale price once the domain is sold. At any time, the seller may add one of the optional features to increase the exposure of a listed domain. Apart from the cost of a one-year renewal that is added to certain domain purchases, there are currently no fees for buyers at GoDaddy Auctions.

Can I monitor auctions on my mobile device?

Yes. We’re now offering a free app called GoDaddy Investor, which lets you monitor auctions in real time straight from your mobile device. With the Investor app, you can bid on expiry auctions and see immediately if you’re the highest bidder or you’ve been outbid. See auction bid history, view expiry auctions on your watch list and place proxy bids. To install the app, see (iOS: Install GoDaddy Investor or Android: Install GoDaddy Investor) .

What is the domain aftermarket?

The domain aftermarket is the secondary market for domain names. It gives registrants the opportunity to register a domain name that is already registered or is expiring.

There are a few ways to register a domain name through the domain aftermarket: by auction, from another registrant, or through an escrow service that manages the transaction between two parties.

Auctioned Domain Names

When a domain name’s registration expires, it goes back to the registry. Before valuable domain names expire and go back to their registry, registrars (like us) will try to sell the domain name through an auction. This gives interested buyers the opportunity to bid for the domain name before it goes back to the registry and is available for normal registration.

Domain registrants can also sell their domain names through an auction. These registrants are called domainers. They are professionals who seek low-cost domain names and sell them for a profit.

Registrant-to-Registrant Transactions

If you are interested in a registered domain name that isn’t available through auction, you can use a service that will attempt to acquire the domain name for you.

Our Domain Buy Service assigns an agent to you who works to contact the current registrant and negotiates a transaction. This service was designed to protect you and guarantee the money and domain name are exchanged when a deal is made.

What is Push to Auction?

Push to Auction is a feature at GoDaddy Auctions® that lets you convert a domain name listing from Offer/Counter-Offer to a 7-Day Public Auction.

When you receive an offer for a domain name, you can either accept it, decline it, provide a counter offer, or push the listing to auction. If you decide to push your Offer/Counter Offer listing to auction, the buyer’s offer becomes the opening bid in the 7-Day Public Auction. Because we convert the offer to a bid, you cannot cancel the listing or add a reserve price after you Push to Auction.

Once you Push to Auction, other GoDaddy Auctions members can bid on the listing. To make tracking easier, the listing ID does not change.

If there are multiple offers for a listing when you Push to Auction, the highest bid becomes the opening bid, and we cancel all pending offers. We add the domain name to the Watching List for each member who made an offer, notified them of the change, and provide a link to the auction.

What is the GoDaddy Auctions Expired Domains Closeout?

The GoDaddy Auctions® Expired Domains Closeout is a 5-day “buy now” option for expired domain name auctions that have ended. A closeout is your last chance to capture great expired domain names at rock-bottom prices (closeout fee and registration fee) before we return the expired domain name to the registry. The process is a reverse auction in which the price decreases daily.

This option is available after the normal 10-day auction ends. Any auction of an expired domain name that doesn’t receive a winning bid enters the closeout process.

Why didn’t I win my auction?

There are three primary reasons why you may not win an auction:

    1. If the seller sets a reserve price and the auction ends without meeting the reserve, the domain doesn’t sell to the highest bidder. To win auctions that include reserves, you must meet or exceed the reserve price.

 Note: You can tell whether a seller has set a reserve price, but you can’t view the price itself.

    1. GoDaddy Auctions® may extend the length of an auction to allow potential buyers the opportunity to bid. If several bids are submitted in the final moments of an auction, you may lose out to one of these bidders.

 Note: A clock icon displays next to domains with extended auction time.

  1. The original registrant decides to renew the domain name.

Can I keep the domain registered where it is and still list it at GoDaddy Auctions?

On GoDaddy Auctions®, you can sell domains that are registered with any registrar. However, we recommend you transfer the domain to us, which includes a one-year extension to the current registration period.

Can I sell domain names on multiple websites?

You can offer domain names for sale on GoDaddy Auctions® and multiple other sites, simultaneously, if you list the domain as an Offer/Counter Offer or Offer/Counter Offer with Buy Now auction type.

If you list the domain as a public auction, you can only list it with GoDaddy Auctions. At the end of the auction, the highest bidder wins the domain. Auctioning domains on GoDaddy Auctions while offering them on other sites violates the Universal Terms of Service you agreed to when you set up your GoDaddy Auctions listing.

Can I extend the time for my listing?

No. You cannot extend the time for which an auction is listed on GoDaddy Auctions®. However, if several bids are submitted in the final moments of an auction, GoDaddy Auctions may extend the length of the auction to allow potential buyers the opportunity to bid on the domain before the auction ends.

Why are my domains ‘Pending Review’?

To maintain the quality and integrity of the marketplace for our members, the domain is currently being reviewed for eligibility in GoDaddy Auctions. Your domain should process within 1-2 business days. Reasons why your domain may be ineligible could be due to, but are not limited to, potential trademark concern or domain ownership.

How does the seller move the domain name to the buyer’s account?

After a domain name sale completes in GoDaddy Auctions®, the seller must move the domain name to the buyer’s account. The method to move the domain name and the person who must initiate the move depends on the seller and buyer’s accounts:

  • If the buyer and seller have accounts with different registrars, then the buyer (new registrant) must initiate a domain name transfer. This method moves the domain name from one registrar company to another and, for most top-level domain names (TLDs), includes a one-year extension of the current registration period. If you are the buyer, contact your registrar for more information about initiating the transfer. For information about transfers to and from GoDaddy, see (Preparing to Transfer Domain Names to GoDaddy) and (Transfer domain to another registrar).
  • If the buyer and seller both have GoDaddy accounts, then the seller must initiate an account change. This method, also known as a registrant transfer, moves the domain name to another account at the same registrar. The domain name expiration date does not change because an account change does not include a registration extension.

     Note: For transactions of $4999.99 or less, we attempt to initiate the account change on behalf of the seller (after we verify the funds). If we are unable to complete the move, the seller must initiate it. The buyer’s Won area and the seller’s Sold area indicate the status of the transfer. If the status says Email Selleror Email Buyer, then we were unable to complete the move.

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