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Blacklisted plugins

Note: This article applies to all Managed WordPress Basic, Deluxe, Ultimate, and Developer accounts. Plugins are not blacklisted for Pro accounts (available in U.S.A. and Canada only).

This is not an exhaustive list. Any plugin that fits into these categories or is otherwise known to cause problems may be added to the list or disabled at any time.

Your Managed WordPress has blacklisted the following plugins, meaning you cannot install them, and if we detect them installed on your account, they will be removed.

Plugin nameCategoryMore info
6scan-backupBackupsAbandoned/unsupported plugin
6scan-protectionDuplicate functionalityAbandoned/unsupported plugin with duplicate functionality
adminerDuplicate functionalitySee description of category below
adsense-click-fraud-monitoringPerformanceSee description of category below
broken-link-checkerPerformanceInstead, use (client software on your computer) or an external service
contextual-related-postsRelated postsSee description of category below
clefSecurityAbandoned/unsupported plugin
ezpz-one-click-backupBackupsAbandoned/unsupported plugin with duplicate functionality
fuzzy-seo-boosterRelated postsSee description of category below
google-sitemap-generatorPerformanceVersions < 4.0 only — Instead use Google Sitemap or WordPress SEO.
google-xml-sitemaps-with-multisite-supportPerformanceInstead use Google Sitemap or (WordPress SEO)
InfiniteWP ClientSecurity issuesVersions 1.3.8 and below – (vulnerability details)
jr-referrerStatsSee description of category below
MailPoetSecurity issuesVersions 2.6.6 and below — vulnerability details
p3-profilerUnnecessary / nonfunctionalNo longer receiving updates
portable-phpmyadminDuplicate functionalitySee description of category below
referrer-wpStatsSee description of category below
seo-alrpRelated postsSee description of category below
sgcachepressUnnecessary / nonfunctionalFrom customers migrating from SiteGround, unneeded
similar-postsRelated postsSee description of category below
statpressStatsSee description of category below
synthesisUnnecessary / nonfunctionalFrom customers migrating from Synthesis, unneeded
the-codetree-backupBackupsAbandoned/unsupported plugin
toolspackSecurity issues(Vulnerability details)

Note: We do not blacklist UpdraftPlus.

BackupsAbandoned/unsupported plugin
w3-total-cacheCachingSee description of category below
wordpress-beta-testerUnnecessary / nonfunctionalNon-functional on GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting
wordpress-gzip-compressionDuplicate functionalitySee description of category below
wordpress-popular-postsRelated postsVersions 3.1.1 and below
wp-cacheCachingSee description of category below
wp-cachecomCachingSee description of category below
wp-copysafe-webSecurity issues(Vulnerability details)
wp-copysafe-pdfSecurity issuesVulnerability details
wp-engine-snapshotUnnecessary / nonfunctionalFrom customers migrating from WP Engine, unneeded
wp-fast-cacheCachingSee description of category below
wp-fastest-cacheCachingSee description of category below
wp-file-cacheCachingSee description of category below
wp-phpmyadminDuplicate functionalitySee description of category below
wp-postviewsStatsSee description of category below
wp-power-statsStatsSee description of category below
wp-slimstatStatsSee description of category below
wp-super-cacheCachingSee description of category below
wpengine-commonUnnecessary / nonfunctionalFrom customers migrating from WP Engine, unneeded
wponlinebackupBackupsAbandoned/unsupported plugin with duplictate functionality
yet-another-featured-posts-pluginRelated postsSee description of category below
yet-another-related-posts-pluginRelated postsSee description of category below

Category descriptions

BackupsYour Managed WordPress account already (provides 30 days’ worth) of backups, so these plugins duplicate an existing function.To backup your site on demand, you can use SFTP access and a database backup plugin like WP-DB-Backup or WP-DBManager.
CachingYour Managed WordPress account already has caching built into it.However, if your site is slow, try these suggestions:

  • Check (common performance issues) on your website.
  • (Contact customer support). If your site is still slow, we want to know why and how we can help.
Unnecessary / nonfunctionalThese plugins don’t add any value and may not work correctly on our system.

Note: We do not remove the (Hello Dolly) plugin, but we do not install it by default.

StatsYour account does not work with these plugins because they negatively impact your websites’ performance because they send many requests to your database and can prevent site caching.However, you can use any service that records and stores your stats off-site. These include (Chartbeat) (paid), Google Analytics (free), (Jetpack) (free),( MixPanel) (free), and ( (free).
Duplicate functionalityThese plugins duplicate functionality in various parts of our system.
Related postsThese plugins increase database load by using inefficient queries, poor caching, or poor scaling on large sites.However, you can use any service that handles the relationship logic off-site like (Outbrain or Jetpack).
Security issuesThese plugins have associated security issues identified in the More info column.
PerformanceThese plugins don’t perform well, in general, especially on large sites.