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Clone a server

If you want to create a clone (duplicate) of a server, you can take a snapshot of it, and then create a new server using that snapshot.

Warning: You must stop servers before you can create snapshots. This means while you’re taking snapshots, you server cannot process requests.

Take a snapshot

  1. In Cloud Servers, click the server you want to use.
  2. Click Stop.
  3. Click the Snapshots tab.
  4. Enter a Snapshot name, and then click Take snapshot.
  5. Click the Power tab, and then click Start.

Create a new server

  1. Go to the Servers tab, and then click Create new server.
  2. Complete the following sections, and then click Finish:
    Choose a SizeSelect the size of server you want to use. Depending on the size of your snapshot, you might not be able to create a server smaller than the one you used to create the snapshot.
    Choose an ImageClick the Snapshots tab, and then select the Snapshot you want to use.
    Security InfoEnter a Username for the server.

    If you want to connect with an SSH key pair, you need to create a key (Windows / Mac OS X), click Connect through SSH instead, and then select the Key you want to use.

    Otherwise, enter a Password.

    Dynamic IP addressesSelect any Dynamic IP Addresses you want to attach to this server.
    Other OptionsSelect if you want to use (Automated backups) or Add boot script.

Next step

  • (Find a server’s public IP address)