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Configure Apache Virtual Hosts

If you plan to use Apache to host your websites on your Cloud server, you should make sure to set up your Apache Virtual Hosts. This will allow you to assign a domain to the right directories on your server.

There are several ways to set up Apache Virtual Hosts on your Cloud server, depending on which version of Linux you are using.

Linux VersionGuide
Ubuntu(Configure Apache Virtual Hosts – Ubuntu)
CentOS 6(Configure Apache Virtual Hosts – CentOS 6)
CentOS 7(Configure Apache Virtual Hosts – CentOS 7)
Arch Linux(Configure Apache Virtual Hosts – Arch Linux)
Debian 7(Configure Apache Virtual Hosts – Debian 7)

Next steps

Once you set up your Apache Virtual Hosts, you are ready to upload your site or start installing applications for building sites. A great place to start is (Installing WordPress).