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Connecting to the API Reseller Operational Test Environment

Before you can connect to the Operational Test Environment (OTE) API, you must designate the IP address you use to connect.

Designate your IP address

  1. Log in to the (Reseller Control Center.)
  2. From the Settings menu, IP Address Configuration.
  3. Complete the following fields:
    FieldWhat to do…
    Enter IP AddressEnter the IP address your server connects from (If you don’t have your server’s IP address, you can obtain it using an ipconfig command)
    Certificate NameLeave this field empty
  4. Click Apply.

To connect to the OTE API, you must include a Web Reference URL in your application project.

Connect to the OTE

  1. In your application project, point a Web Reference URL to the OTE’s WSDLE —

    Note: If using a firewall, you must configure it to allow outgoing connections to IP address

  2. Test the application’s connection using the Describe(...) method.

After connecting to the OTE API, you must complete a certification before we grant permission to connect to the production API environment. For more information, see (Certifying Your API Reseller Account to Connect to the Production Environment.)