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Find my GoDaddy nameservers

If your domain is registered at another company, but you’re hosting your website with GoDaddy, you can connect the domain name to your website using our nameservers.

Note: Changing your domain’s nameservers changes where its email gets delivered. If you don’t want to make any changes to your email service, you can use your account’s IP address instead. However, if you do want to change your nameservers but keep your email service, you can update your MX records.

Which nameservers you’ll use depends on how you’re hosting your website:

ServiceWhere to find your nameservers…
Website Builder(Find my website’s nameservers)
cPanel shared hosting(Find your website’s nameservers)
Plesk shared hosting(Find your website’s nameservers)
Web & Classic Hosting(Find my website’s nameservers)
Managed WordPress(Find my website’s nameservers)
CashParking(What are my CashParking website’s nameservers?)
Online StoreYou cannot host Online Store websites for domains registered elsewhere. However, (you can transfer the domain name to us)
ResellerReseller storefronts don’t use nameservers; instead see (Forwarding Your Domain Name to Your Reseller Storefront)

Note: Changing nameservers for .COM and .NET domains can take 4-8 hours to display on the internet. All other types of domains can take up to 48 hours.