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Generate a CSR (certificate signing request)

To request an SSL certificate for your server or a code/driver signing certificate, you have to generate a certificate signing request (CSR). This identifies which server will use your certificate, as well as the domain names (common names) you’ll use for SSL certificates.

Note: If you’re using an SSL certificate on the primary domain name of a GoDaddy shared hosting account, you do not need to generate a CSR; we take care of that for you.

How you generate a CSR depends on the type of certificate you’re requesting and your operating system/control panel.

SSL certificatesCode/driver signing
  • (Apache)
  • (cPanel/WebHost Manager (WHM))
  • (Exchange Server 2016)
  • (Microsoft IIS 10)
  • (Nginx)
  • (Parallels Plesk Panel)
  • (Java)
  • (Windows)

Miscellaneous CSR instructions:

  • (Covalent Fast Start 2.3.1)
  • (Exchange Server 2007)
  • (F5 BIG-IP Loadbalancer)
  • (lighttpd)
  • (Mac OS X Server 10.5)
  • (Mac OS X Server 10.6)
  • (Microsoft IIS 5 and 6)
  • (Microsoft IIS 7)
  • (Microsoft IIS 8)
  • (Exchange Server 2010)
  • (Exchange Server 2013)
  • (Netscape Enterprise Server 6.1)
  • (Orion Application Server 2.0.2)
  • (Sun ONE 6.1)
  • (Tomcat 4.x/5.x/6.x)
  • (Zeus Web Server 4.2)

Our certificates are compatible with all types of web servers, even if we do not have CSR instructions for them. Please contact your server documentation for further information on generating a CSR if you do not find the instructions that you need above.

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