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GoDaddy Auction bidder verification process

In an effort to further protect both buyers and sellers against fraudulent activity on auctions, GoDaddy is introducing a new bidder verification process. This process is designed to limit the way unverified bidders can place bids. Regular auction users should feel confident that auctions are being conducted with stringent fraud reduction rules. We frequently and consistently evaluate the auctions platform to ensure a fair and open marketplace.

There are three types of auction inventory that will now require verification:

  1. Value Priced – These are domain names that have been reacquired by GoDaddy that are now up for auction.
  2. Expiry Auctions – These are domain names that have expired and are not renewed by the original owner that are now up for auction.
  3. 7-day Auctions – These are domain names that are listed by other sellers in a traditional auction.

To Complete the Verification Process

In order to be verified, you must provide valid PayPal contact information!

    1. When attempting to place a bid from the GoDaddy Auctions page, click Continue to Review.
    2. On the Review Domains window, click verify your account with PayPal.
    3. Enter your first name, last name, and PayPal email address in the window and click Submit.

 Note: The PayPal account must be a verified account. Not every PayPal account will work. Visit the (PayPal Seller Verification FAQs for more information).

    1. You will receive a confirmation message that GoDaddy has emailed your PayPal address, OR that the PayPal contact information you’ve provided is not valid and you must enter valid information.

 Note: Your contact information is validated against PayPal in real-time.

  1. Click on the secure link included in the message to your PayPal email address to complete verification.
  2. You will be redirected to your GoDaddy account without having to log in, and there will no longer be bid limitations on your account.

For more information about PayPal security verification, see (PayPal Seller Verification FAQs).