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I’m moving my email to Office 365

Note: Please see (Move my email service) for our fully managed option.

Congrats! You’ve decided to move your email service to Office 365. Trust me, you won’t look back!! Below is a video and some articles you might want to check out, to help you with the move.

Watch this webinar for everything you need to know to get ready for your move to Office 365 email. It includes the step-by-step process, so you know what to expect, and all the details you’ll need to collect, to be ready for your migration.

  • (Read more about the steps in the upgrade process, and what you need to know).
  • (See your status, and reschedule your cutover date, if you need to).
  • (Do I need to make any changes to my domain settings when I am migrated?)
  • (Can I still use my old version of Outlook or Office?)
  • (How do I check my new Office 365 email, after the move?)
  • (Set up email on my mobile phone)

Contains video there is more……