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Install git on my Web & Classic Hosting account

Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to increase efficiency and improve team workflows.

DifficultyBasic – 1 | Medium – 2 | Advanced – 3
Time required15-30+ min
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  1. Download the latest release of git from (
  2. Log in to your Web Hosting account via SSH. For more info, see (Connect to your server or shared hosting account with SSH.)
  3. Unpack the tar file.

    Note: Throughout these code snippets, we’ll use the tar file “git-” as an example. You need to make sure your code matches the tar file you downloaded.

    tar -zxf git-
  4. Browse to the newly created directory for the tar file:
    cd git-
  5. Confirm that the tar file is installed:
    ~/opt/usr/bin/git –version
    git version
  6. Get git on your path and tell Git not to do SSL verification. If you haven’t already, create a ~/.bash_profile file and add the following to it:
    export GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY=true
    export PATH
    export GIT_EXEC_PATH
  7. Make sure these settings are working correctly by running the following command:
    source ~/.bash_profile
  8. Check the version:
    git –version
    git version
  9. Git is now installed on your Web Hosting Account.