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Making a regular campaign into an autoresponder email

So you’ve created a new campaign, in your (Campaigns) page… and now you want to use it as an (Autoresponder) email. Fantastic, you’ve come to the right place.

When you click the (Clone) button on any campaign in your Campaigns page, an exact copy of that campaign will be created. You can also use this very same button to clone that regular campaign into an Autoresponder email!
Click the Clone button

Pro tip: Make sure you create your (Autoresponder) first! That way, you’ll be able to tell GoDaddy Email Marketing exactly where to put the cloned campaign.

When you’re ready, just click the Clone button, and select the Autoresponder option from the overlay page that pops up.

Choose the correct campaign from the list of all your Autoresponders, and then click the Clone button. GoDaddy Email Marketing will take care of the rest for you. Go to Autoresponders under the Add-ons menu, to check out your new addition.