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Managing inventory

Managing your product inventory is a key part of controlling costs and keeping customers happy by having popular items in stock. Using the Online Store’s inventory feature helps you keep track of everything.

    1. Log in to your Account Manager.
    2. In your Products list, click Online Store, and then click Manage next to the account you want to use.
    3. At the top of your screen in the Products tab, click Products.
    4. On the All Products page, click the product whose inventory quantity you want to enter.
    5. Click the product’s Inventory & Options tab, and set the Inventory menu to Track inventory. (By default, the If quantity reaches zero menu is set to Allow backorder.)
      Choose Track Inventory

Note: Choosing Allow backorder enables a customer to place an order even if the inventory is down to 0. Choosing Do not allow to order triggers an alert on the storefront when the product inventory drops below 3, and prevents the customer from buying the product when inventory reaches 0.

  1. Enter how many of that product you have on hand in the Inventory field.
  2. If you have variations of the product, such as sizes or colors, click Create new option in the Options section.
    Enter quantity in Inventory and click Create Options tab

Note: After adding an option, you can then create choices for each option. (For more information, see (Add product options).)

  • To track inventory for an option and its choices, click to toggle the button for Advanced tracking from Off to On.
    Enter quantity in Inventory and click Create Options tab

    Note: Once you turn on Advanced tracking, the main Inventory field is locked since you need to set inventory quantities for each choice in the Options grid at the bottom of the page. If you turn Advanced tracking back to Off, the quantity field for each choice no longer displays, limiting you to setting only an overall quantity in the single Inventory field.
    Inventory field locked if product has options

  • If you turn on advanced tracking, you can use the table below the Options section to edit each choice’s SKU, Price, Sale Price or Quantity.
    Use the table below the Options section to edit the SKU, Price, Sale Price or Quantity.
  • If you do not want to display a specific Option/Choice combination on your storefront, click its minus sign at the right end of the table row. Advanced tracking does not delete the item, but simply hides it on the storefront. (Click the counter-clockwise arrow to re-show a hidden item.)
    Click minus sign to hide item or the counter-clockwise arrow to show it again.

    Note: Clicking Hide removed items or Show removed options or at the bottom of the table enables you to hide or see all the removed items with a single click. To show them on the storefront, you’ll need to click each individual counter-clockwise arrow.

  • Click Save when you’re done with that product.

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