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Performance report for WordPress

A slow website can lower page views, customer satisfaction, and even conversion rate. How fast does your WordPress site load? You have two options when evaluating your site’s performance:

  • Call our support number and one of our experts can do it for you for a fee.
  • Do it yourself following the instructions in the tables below.

WordPress Premium Support

Our support experts can perform the following services for you for a fee:

  • Check for and report on the following:
    • Website load time
    • Number of active and inactive plugins, and details about any problematic/conflicting plugins
    • Site size
    • Number of external scripts
    • PHP 7 Compatibility of plugins and themes

Based on our findings we will provide recommendations and may suggest these follow-up services for additional credits:

  • (Optimize images to reduce) to the site’s size and load time
  • (Install a plugin) to reduce the number of external scripts
  • (Install a caching plugin) to improve load time
  • (Remove unnecessary plugins)
  • (Troubleshoot and fix) plugins causing slow load times or over-utilizing hosting resources

Do it yourself

To do it yourself, seeDifficulty
(Evaluate site performance with PageSpeed Insights)Basic
(Evaluate site performance with GTmetrix)Basic
(Evaluate site performance with PingdomBasic
(Check PHP 7 compatibility of WordPress plugins and themes)Basic