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Purchasing Domain Names You Won

When you win an auction for a domain name, GoDaddy Auctions® facilitates the transaction between you and the seller. We send an email message to you with complete instructions for initiating the transaction. If you cannot locate the instructions we sent to you, call GoDaddy Auctions for assistance at (480) 505-8892.

After you submit your payment, GoDaddy Auctions or verifies the funds. This verification takes up to five days. For more information about payment transactions, see (Understanding GoDaddy Auctions Payment Transactions).

When you win a domain name that is not registered with GoDaddy, you must contact the seller to start the domain name transfer. If you are unable to reach the seller or have problems with the transfer, you can file a dispute. For more information, see (Contacting the Domain Name Seller )and (Disputing a Transaction on Go Daddy Auctions).

  1. Log in to (GoDaddy Auctions).
  2. Hover your mouse over Bidding List, and then select Won.
  3. Click Pay for this domain, and then continue through the checkout process.

     Note: If you are purchasing an expired domain name, you can add Private Registration if it is available. On the Review Your Shopping Cart page, for Registration Type, select Private. For more information about domains privacy, see (Private Registration FAQ)