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Receive a commission from my Reseller plan

The whole point of the reseller plan is let you earn money for product you sell through your storefront. If you have any questions about how that works, this article should answer them for you.

Getting Started

To get paid, you’ve got to…

  1. Add a payee (more info)
  2. Link it to your storefront (more info)

Now, when you earn commission, you’re set up to get paid.

US-based Resellers Commission Payment Policy

Resellers receive commission at the end of every month for the previous month’s earnings. For example, we pay commission earned during December at the end of January.

However, we only send the commission if you reach the minimum payment threshold for your payee’s payment method; otherwise, your commission rolls over to the next month until you reach the minimum.

Payment MethodMinimumFee per Payment
Good As Gold1$5None
Direct deposit2$10None
Check (physical)$100$25

1 Payments exceeding $20,000 will be split into multiple PayPal transactions.

2 Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for the first Direct Deposit payment to be processed after entering or updating payee account information.

Non-US-based Resellers Commission Payment Policy

We have two separate systems for paying resellers outside of the United States, depending on when you created the payee account.

(Before June 2014)

(During or After June, 2014)


If you didn’t receive a commission payment, do the following:

  • Make sure you properly set up your payee account. For more information, see (Setting up Payee Accounts.)
  • Check your account settings in the Reseller Control Center to verify the link between your payee account and your reseller account. For details, see (Adding Payee Information to Your Reseller Account.)
  • Check your Commissions Report for the previous month to see if you’ve earned the minimum amount required for commission payout. For instructions, see (Viewing the Commissions Report.)