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Restore a server from a snapshot

You cannot restore servers directly from snapshots you create. However, you can create a new server using a snapshot and then destroy your old server, effectively doing the same thing.

Create a new server

  1. In Cloud Servers, click Create Server.
  2. Complete the following sections, and then click Finish:
    Choose a SizeSelect the size of server you want to use. Depending on the size of your snapshot, you might not be able to create a server smaller than the one you used to create the snapshot.
    Choose an ImageClick the Snapshots tab, and then select the Snapshot you want to use.
    Security InfoEnter a Username for the server.

    If you want to connect with an SSH key pair, you need to create a key (Windows / Mac OS X), click Connect through SSH instead, and then select the Key you want to use.

    Otherwise, enter a Password.

    Dynamic IP addressesSelect any Dynamic IP Addresses you want to attach to this server.

    If you want to use the same Dynamic IP address as the server you used to create the Snapshot, (you can assign the IP address) to this server after destroying the old one.

    Other OptionsSelect if you want to use (Automated backups) or Add boot script.

Destroy the old server

Note: Unless you used a dynamic IP address on the old server, you will need to (update any domain names) to use the new server’s IP address. If you used a dynamic IP address, you’ll need to (assign it to the new server.)

  1. Click the old server.
  2. Click the Destroy tab.
  3. Click Destroy twice.

Next step

  • (Point your domain name to a server) to connect any domains to your new server