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Set up email on my mobile phone

After you’ve( set up your Office 365 from GoDaddy email account), you can set up your email on your phone. Depending on your preference and the phone you have, there are a few different options for adding email to your smartphone.


  • (iPhone & iPad: Set up email)
  • (Outlook app on iPhone & iPad: Set up email)
  • (OWA for iPhone & iPad: Set up email)


  • (Android: Set up email)
  • (Outlook app on Android: Set up email)
  • (OWA on Android)

A note about Blackberry smartphones

Office 365 email supports Blackberry, OS 10 and newer. However, Office 365 does not support Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES).

If you’re being upgraded to Office 365, and you were using Blackberry Enterprise Server, it will no longer work. If you still need to use Blackberry Enterprise Server, unfortunately we do not have an email service that works for you. Please call our team at 1800-1210120 to resolve.