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Set up taxes

Set up taxes by country or region for customer purchases. Typically, this only needs to be set up once, unless you move or have multiple locations you’ll be shipping from. You’ll need to be on the (Online Store plan) to do this.

    1. Log in to your GoDaddy account and open your product. (Need help opening your product?)
    2. In the Dashboard at the top of your site page, click Tax.
      Click Tax
    3. To change from the default (No Tax), click Edit to open the Edit Tax Rate window.
      Click Edit
    4. Select a Country/Region — the list contains more than 200 countries.
    5. To match the tax set up of a particular location, Online Store offers you two choices:
      In State/Province menu:Result
      Choose All States/ProvincesApplies a tax rate at the country/region level
      Choose any State/ProvinceApplies a tax rate at the state/province level

      See Step 12 to apply a national and state/province tax.

    6. Enter a Tax rate for the location. (You can set a different rate for each location you add). You also can select My prices already include tax for individual tax locations.
    7. Click Save to apply the location’s settings and return to the Taxes window.

To apply a second tax rate, for example one for a Country/Region and another for a State/Province, click Add tax location above the first tax.