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Setting up Your Reseller Storefront

Congratulations on your new business venture!

When you log in to the Reseller Control Center for the first time, the Quick Setup Wizard helps you quickly set up your storefront. After you complete the steps in the Quick Setup Wizard, your storefront is live on the Internet.

Note: We recommend setting up a payee account before you begin using the Quick Setup Wizard. A payee account tells us how you want to receive commission payments. For more information, see (Setting up Payee Accounts.)

To Set up Your Reseller Plan

  1. Log in to your Reseller Control Center.
  2. Click Get Started.

    Note: After initial setup, the Get Started screen no longer displays. To access the Quick Setup Wizard, from the Account Settings tab, click Quick Setup.

  3. Complete the steps in each tab to set up your storefront. If you need assistance, see the following Help articles:
    • (Adding Storefront Information to Your Reseller Plan)
    • (Setting Product Offerings for Your Reseller Storefront) (Basic and Pro Reseller plans only)
    • (Selecting a Color Theme for Your Reseller Storefront) (Basic and Pro Reseller plans only)
    • (Setting global pricing for your reseller storefront )(Basic and Pro Reseller plans only)