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Using album badges

A photo badge is a single photo or multiple photos that you can share on other websites, such as your Blog, MySpace, or Facebook account. In Photo Album, you can create a photo badge using HTML or Flash photo badges.

For your photo badge, select from public photos that you tagged with a specific value or photos from one of your public galleries. Depending on the type of badge you create, you can also specify badge details, such as the layout, color, and number of photos to display on the badge.

After you create the badge, we provide the HTML code to copy and paste it into the Web pages where you want the badge to display. You can save badges and display the badge code or view badge details, such as the date saved, at any time. To view your saved badges, see Viewing Your Saved Badges.

Note: Photo badges use the first photos in your gallery. You can change the photos that display in your badge by reorganizing the order in which they display in your gallery. For more information, see (Organizing Photos in Photo Galleries).

(To Create a Photo Badge of an Individual Photo)

(To Create a Photo Badge of Multiple Photos)

(To Create an Adobe Flash Photo Badge)